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I am the Life Skills Guy; I help people in a health challenge tap the Wisdom of their Body to participate with powerful inner resources.


I learned about chronic illness and disability through over 27 years of dealing with multiple sclerosis (since 1981). I was having a chronic progressive battle which I related to as a way to learn how my mind can be used to face difficult challenges. The Life Skills techniques were not only a result of dealing with my own struggle, I started Life Skills Institute (a non-profit organization) in 1982 and shared these techniques with veterans with PTSD for 20 years at the WLA VA and with people with chronic illnesses like cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.
Now I use that inner technology to work with any group to help them tap inner resources to meet their challenge. The demand of a person in a dramatic struggle, like the people I worked with requires deep inner exploration. You can use what was developed for them to help you meet your challenge. The mind is a powerful tool when we learn how to use it.
Our brain creates every experience in our body by either responding to what we encounter from our past conditioning or the Wisdom of the Body. The Wisdom of your Body responds with your inner resources in the moment instead of what you learned in the past. Your responses in the moment are like actions done in the zone. Actions done from what you learned from the past are less spontaneous and comes out as an understanding. Anything you do will be done better from a Zone-like experience than if it was done from even the best understanding.
Life Skills uses your past experiences, choreographed in such a way that you create supportive habits that serve you in your health struggle. The main techniques develop a positive self image, self trust, a connection to the Wisdom of the Body and a way to avoid negative thinking. There are over 26 supportive techniques that develop these main life skills. Then these techniques are packaged in what I call the Bio-computer and are used effortlessly in your everyday life.
Imagine changing your self image or trust simply with a thought or avoiding negative thinking with your breath. Your mind has the potential to turn your health challenge into a journey of self discovery. There is a healthy way to be sick and when we develop that approach our illness is an amazing teacher!
I offer these books not as a cure to your problem, but as a way to better the quality of your life. Follow the plan to create habits of these techniques and deal with your struggle from your deepest inner wisdom. I am sure if you are in a good state of mind, you will respond the best to any treatment you commit to. These books help you to use the Wisdom of your body in every aspect of your life and that supports the healing process.
You can go through this book on your own or join a group of people as I lead you through each technique and answer your question on a conference call. My intention is not to give you a new understanding, I want to help you re-condition your mind to be in tune with the Wisdom of your Body and become partners with your professional medical team. When inner resources work with outer resources; you get the best results.