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Quality of Life in a Health Challenge

Life Skills Approach

  • Life Skills Approach TeleSeminar
    A one month intensive that goes through the ebook with question and answers directed specifically to the target audience.
  • Life Skills: Free Ebooks
  • Discover the strength you need to cope with any illness
  • Discover the strength you need to cope with any disability
  • The Life Skills Approach - How to Order Our Books
  • Life Skills and the Government
    Helping the people you serve grow; makes your effort more productive.
  • Adapt an E-book to serve your goals
    An E-book can be developed to empower the people you work with, so they better meet their goals utilizing their inner resources.
  • Preparing For Blindness
    The Blind-Zone is where your thoughts and perceptions are not as important as your life and deepest inner wisdom.
  • Ultimate Healing; Mind/body
    When you look at an ultimate healing; you have to consider the mind of the patient as you focus on healing the body. If you heal the body without healing the mind there really isn’t a complete healing. In this article we look at how thinking habits can easily be changed so the way illness is interpreted supports the healing process. What we think in our mind has immediate effects on the experience of the body. Our interpretations have the ability to increase the stress we feel and stress has an influence on our immune system and how we respond to medical treatments. We have the power to control our interpretations and if that helps our medical treatments only 10%; it is a good idea to look at that part of our life seriously. The creations of our mind aren’t how we can cure our illnesses; but if the way we use our mind limits us in any way we have to correct that to heal at our full potential. We have the power to create new thinking habits so we interpret reality differently. If the way we think can influence our health only 10%, that increase is nothing to ignore. 10% of a million dollars is significant and a 10% in healing is significant also. Learn to view life from an ultimate perspective. Go to http://lifeskillsinc.com.Download a free e-book that shows you how that happens.

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